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Allan’s Interview on BBC Radio

Click here to listen to the full interview with Allan Clayton on BBC Radio Humberside

I was delighted to be invited on the radio – my first thought was that I could share my story with so many people. Despite being in a BBC studio talking to a stranger, I felt completely at ease. It seemed to be over in a flash and all I could think about was how much more I had to give as the interview had only really scratched the surface of my story. I knew I could make an impact on people’s lives by telling showing how I came out the other side turning my negative experience into a positive outlook. Although, I wasn’t expecting the reaction from my friends and family who heard me talk honestly about things they’d never heard before. It was lovely to receive so many heart felt warming messages to say how I had reduced them to tears and how proud they were. Hearing you have that effect on people is very touching and I look forward to going on the radio again.

In June 2013 Allan took part in making a DVD which was produced and filmed by The Production Company. Allan had to tell his story back in his home town of Bridlington; starting from his childhood playing for the local football team to the accident and the aftermath – even visiting the scene where his life was changed forever. The full interview is 30 minutes, but here’s a short X minute version to give you a little insight.

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