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Hitting the Lakes for #Everish

Friday   It all started on the Monday really. As you all know, I’m studying to qualify as a counsellor and you HAVE to be organised to be an effective counsellor so I’ve made a real effort to be organised with things, but packing a bag for weekend on a Monday is a little extreme […]


If you have read my story or previous blogs you’ll know my background. I suffered with depression after a car crash in 1997 which you can read about on the website. When I say I suffered with depression, this was self-diagnosed years later and not at the actual time. This because I didn’t think and […]

New opportunities in Leeds

When I first moved to Leeds I worked as a volunteer going into schools talking to students about my crash. It was a great way to get into speaking but due to government cutting funds to the fire service  we were  no longer able to deliver the road show so when Bradford City Council approached […]

Morrisons motivational talk

Morrison’s is one of the biggest corporate companies in the UK, so talking to a crowded room of their most senior employee’s was going to be a little different. I’ve always been able to talk about things but this time I was bringing up how I dealt with the death of my mother at such […]

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 18th-24th November 2013…!!! Its nearly upon us and what better way to get the message of a road traffic accident across than by booking The Next Step for a presentation. Seeing a victim of a road traffic accident and his amazing story which will leave the pupils with a WOW factor.. BOOK […]