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Everish 6&7

I got asked why am i going out in these dangerous conditions? Is it the fear i like? No its nothing like that its because i want to see how far i can push body and mind. this was so hard for abled bodied but to do this with a sci was unthinkable but i […]

#EVERISH Highcliff Nab

I’ve had self doubt in the build up, what with not having any sleep and running on empty. Thinking, ‘what if nobody turns up?’ Or ‘what happens if nobody sponsors me?’ I woke up on Friday 19th after taking painkillers the night before, with my legs in bits and struggling to put weight through my […]

What is The Next Step

For many, the term ‘disability’ brings to mind people in wheelchairs who have mobility issues, and this is understandable considering the wheelchair is the global symbol for disability. However, the reality is that disabilities are wide ranging.   Spinal cord –These include Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Spinal Bifida, and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) which commonly occurs […]