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#EVERISH Highcliff Nab

I’ve had self doubt in the build up, what with not having any sleep and running on empty. Thinking, ‘what if nobody turns up?’ Or ‘what happens if nobody sponsors me?’ I woke up on Friday 19th after taking painkillers the night before, with my legs in bits and struggling to put weight through my right knee, I hobbled to the bathroom and holding on to the sink I questioned myself: ‘What happens if I can’t do this?I’m about to tell everybody tomorrow that I want to climb some mountains and today I’m not even going to be able to leave the house. But after a very hot shower and holding the shower hose(not my hose, get those thoughts out of your head!!!) to my knee and hip so hot water is easing the pain I start to feel a little better I can do this and I prepare to tell you all what I’m about to do.
It’s covering so many things is #EVERISH. The fact my dad wants to come and do something like this with me, we haven’t done anything like this together since I broke my neck, and I’ve been blown away by friends wanting to join me and saying I’ll be there at the finishing line. This really means the world to me. So it’s bringing everyone together hopefully people making new friends. It’s not just challenging me but maybe this is going to see how strong you are if you are joining us, don’t worry I’ll help you get up! And fingers crossed we are going to raise awareness and a load of money.

So Sunday was the day. This morning we started the first climb, and the pace is pretty quick but I wanted this I wanted people to go at their own pace and not at my pace which is very slow but I’m trying to look at my ability not my disability. I was trying to work hard, but bang…..three quarters of the way up I feel my lower back go a striking pain. I just thought, “oh no, not this soon, surely!” I had to strip things back this morning and start concentrating on the task ahead. I tell clients to set small goals and we build it up to get a real sense of achievement in their heads. But since I told everyone about #EVERISH I’ve been thinking about Ben Nevis. About the finish line, about my emotions etc and I’ve not ever stepped foot on the first one….yet I was having these thoughts about the big goal rather than the smaller, more achievable ones. So with the pain kicking in, and my back screaming in pain at me, my little goals had to become getting to certain points up the hill. Once I hit that it was one to the next point, and so on. So now, my goals are about walking the next hill and next weekend rather than Ben Nevis.
When we reached the summit the wind picked up walking along a cliff face, and I didn’t really get the chance to see the views due to concentration and not wanting to lose my balance as I walked along it. Once we reached the end there was a opportunity to try and get a few pictures with everyone holding desperately on to their phones. We didn’t stay up there long and walked back along the cliff face to rest a tad, to get the big #EVERISH flag out for a great group picture. Looking up at the skies it looked like the heavens where going to open, so people made their way down quickly. I was trying hard to get down as quick as I could . As I got a quarter of the way down I just happened to look behind me to see the cliff face and I got a sense of achievement running through me thinking “I’ve just been stood up there”, but it soon left me as I was once told by my dad you only complete a mountain when you are down at the bottom and you are safe.

I managed to make it to the bottom where everyone was waiting for me apart from a few people that where walking at my pace. I’d made it. I completed the first one in the #EVERISH challenge!

As I lay here now writing this I’ve had a hot bath and a massage, yet my ankle and foot are spasming like mad. I could be in for a long night.

Thanks to everyone who came along and I hope to see you along the way. Come and #joinallan

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