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Gooner Clayton

For years I’ve been gooner Clayton even by my dad in fact he was the one that started it… You are a gooner you son you gooner do this you are gooner do that but you never follow it through… I now see this… for years I’ve had what I think are good ideas and instead of keeping them to myself I’ve always just come out with I’m going to do this but if you have read any off my last blogs I’ve suffered for years on many different levels which as stopped me following it through.. Hence the name gooner…!!

As a few of you may have seen I got flooded at Christmas and of all days it fell on it would have been my mums 56th birthday.. I’m not really sure how I can put into words what I really felt it’s so hard to describe to people the emotions you go through seeing where you live completely wracked.. It’s the closest I’ve come to just sitting down and crying but what good was that going to do I gave myself a little talking to and thought come on you are 34. I did panic quite a lot if I’m honest with it been a bank holiday I couldn’t put any plan in place or speak to anyone regarding what to do.. After 3 days I finally spoke to someone and got a plan in place a hotel was booked for me for five weeks.

Before Christmas I made the decision I was going to change what I was going to do and take ‘the next step’ in a different direction again I’m gooner.. I’ve noticed that if I make small goals and put a plan in place I’m pretty good but it was going to be hard I was going into a office I didn’t really know any one which I was nervous about and now I’m going to be living in a hotel. I put my plan in place I was seeing the hotel as a test just little things speaking with the staff not having room service and making sure I’d go eat in the restaurant alone.. Going down for breakfast was a task to start with as normally I need coffee and a shower before I even get started but waking up putting a shirt on and dressing a bit smarter started to feel good.

To some people what I do isn’t a big deal but the fact I’m changing what I do I go to a office nearly every day is massive to me and I’m proud of the steps I’m taking but I noticed even coming into the office I was using the words I’m going to do this I want to do this. I’m going to be a RTA victim support work..


Putting a small plan with goals of achievement down on a paper and turn gooner into reality..

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