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How do we control our ego

Let’s not beat around the bush here, when I go out hiking in the country side I’m putting myself and whoever I’m with in danger. I’ve said to people ‘I’m not out for a stroll’. It’s physically and mentally very challenging because until I find a safe place to rest I have to give it […]

Self Coaching

Last year I was out nearly every weekend which allowed my legs to get used to walking outdoors and up some pretty steep hills. This year I’ve just not had the chance to get out due to other commitments. I went to Buckden pike in the Yorkshire Dales. It was about 3 miles to the […]

Anxiety over body image

I wasn’t going to write anything on mental health week but there’s something inside me that felt I had to write a blog. This year mental health week is based on body image. Now more than ever due to social media anxiety over our bodies is higher than ever. People saying body goals..!! Really..?? And […]