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Morrisons motivational talk

Morrison’s is one of the biggest corporate companies in the UK, so talking to a crowded room of their most senior employee’s was going to be a little different. I’ve always been able to talk about things but this time I was bringing up how I dealt with the death of my mother at such a young age. Sometimes my voice goes when speaking about this but it’s what sets me apart from other speakers. It’s real and heartfelt I’m telling people things that are very personal to me. I’m yet to meet someone who’s not been able to connect with me, or just part of my story. I think this is my usp to people I know that people will walk away feeling inspired by the talk. I walked into the huge conference full of suits but immediately I felt at ease. I started with a different approach – getting the audience to take part straight away as I knew they’d had a long day with a lot to take in so I made sure there was elements that would make them smile and laugh, even using props, to take them on a rollercoaster of my life story. I loved the massive response I got during the Q & A at the end and  people coming up to say thank you, how inspired they felt and what they were taking away from it – with one lady reduced to tears. Morrison’s was a great company to work with and I look forward to been part of their training days again.

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