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New opportunities in Leeds

When I first moved to Leeds I worked as a volunteer going into schools talking to students about my crash. It was a great way to get into speaking but due to government cutting funds to the fire service  we were  no longer able to deliver the road show so when Bradford City Council approached me to ask if I would take part I jumped at the chance. I was over the moon knowing that the DVD would be going into schools and potentially reach thousands of children and young adults who could hopefully remember me and my story when they get into a car.

I enjoyed being on film and the production company were great to work with, they were very professional and I found it easy talking in front of the camera. Before the film I’d been past that tree we hit hundreds of times but I’d never stopped my car there to get out and look. I really wasn’t ready to see the paint still on the tree 14 years later. Little red specks of paint staring back at me, the crash came flooding back kneeling at the tree, that question popped back into my head “why me?”. I didn’t manage to sleep that night with all sorts running through my head and when I did close my eyes the crash was repeating over and over again hitting that tree. The next day I woke up determined that I wasn’t going to let that tree beat me. People can’t see what goes on inside somebody’s head at times like that. You have to think positively and I know my story can inspire people.

In June 2014 Allan was asked to be part of Morrison supermarket training day at their headquarters in Bradford. The training day was all based on problem solving and Allan was the final last guest speaker of the day. He delivered a twenty minute talk to one hundred managers? and opened the floor to questions at the end. He delivered his presentation with warmth, honesty and humour his approach to problem solving is unique and he had them hanging on his every word with a rollercoaster of a story.

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