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Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 18th-24th November 2013…!!!

Its nearly upon us and what better way to get the message of a road traffic accident across than by booking The Next Step for a presentation.

Seeing a victim of a road traffic accident and his amazing story which will leave the pupils with a WOW factor..


2 Responses to “Road Safety Week”

  1. Hi Allan

    Thanks for your email of last week.

    I like the logo + presentation of your website.

    We could help by giving some (free) practical user friendly advice to people who have had an accident.

    As you can imagine we see too many people who have been involved in RTA’s + don’t know where to turn for help etc.
    Often following sensible appropriate advice will allow them to take control + prevent chronic problems from developing.

    I look forward to hearing what you think.


    • Hi Sarah,

      Let me start by apologizing for not been in touch i didn’t realize that you had left a comment. yeah i should think you see a lot of people from RTA’s with every case very different.I think putting some free advise on the site is a great idea.. once people know their bodies after a RTA its easier to manage but thiscan take years. it took me around 10 years to know when i needed phyiso and howto look after my body. Again i’m very very sorry i didnt get back to you sooner.