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Welcome to The Next Step

Hi, I’d like to welcome you to The Next Step, I’m Allan and I offer a unique service to those suffering in silence when facing a life changing injury or illness resulting in a disability. Due to my own experience after a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) I have the ability to empathise, listen and really understand the daily struggles and emotional challenges we can all face. My own accident presented me with physical and psychological challenges at the age of just 17 which I tackled in the only way I knew how at the time…not ideal! This experience has given me a first hand appreciation of what sort of issues my clients face so that I can really support them to move forward.I have chosen to dedicate my life to assist in their rehabilitation of those people who need it the most. The individuals who spend the rest of their lives in the psychological shadows.

I’m passionate about ensuring people of all ages don’t suffer in silence, or make the same mistakes that I did, struggling to get by with limited emotional support. In my spare time I volunteer at a charity for support in the local community and I  am studying to be a Counsellor to enhance the service I offer.

 What I offer

I offer clients a mentoring and coaching service, which is built around the needs of each client on an individual basis. This means you get the right approach to get you back on the right track. Some ways I can provide support include; one to one coaching conversations, regular email or text messaging with peer to peer advice, practical support with everyday situations that might now seem too much to bear, like going to the shops, dealing with anxiety in social situations etc. Most of my sessions are conducted in an informal setting as I understand that speaking to someone about such a personal issue can be scary.

 I also extend my services to the families of the victims to provide a reassuring presence, advice and a friendly face when they need it the most.
Understanding is the next step and with my story I want to inspire people.
Watch Allan’s Story here:

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