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Self Coaching

Last year I was out nearly every weekend which allowed my legs to get used to walking outdoors and up some pretty steep hills. This year I’ve just not had the chance to get out due to other commitments. I went to Buckden pike in the Yorkshire Dales. It was about 3 miles to the summit and it got pretty steep. We’d already decided on a route which we would take, but having never been there before we just didn’t know what the terrain was going to be like. We didn’t veer off the route. We were walking along side some pretty steep drops and it looked like the path was going nowhere. My legs weren’t feeling too great at this point having already done 4 miles, and I could feel the nerves as I walked along the edge thinking that if my legs give way I’d fall down down the steep drop.

My thoughts became pretty negative and I was thinking of the worst outcome, which in my head was death. The friend who I was with is a n ex-marine and he went looking to see how the hell we would get down from this ledge. As he disappeared I was sitting leaning back against the grass bank with my feet on the path and then just a sheer drop. I’m afraid of heights and here I am on this ledge. I could feel my heart beating quicker and panic starting to over come me.

How the hell was I going to get myself out of this situation with me acting like this? I needed to find some composure. I started talking to myself and coaching myself turning my fear into a positive because only a calm positive attitude was going to get me down this mountain and some guidance of a ex-marine in front of me helping with balance.

I made it down 2 rock faces which looked impossible for a disabled climber. I managed to make it back to the car, safely walking around 6 miles.

What I took from the day made me feel so proud. How I managed to turn a fear into something so positive and one of my proudest days since I started going out hiking. Proving that with knowing the right words to say to myself, I could manage to overcome this situation.

I really do believe I can bring this out in your life, no matter what crap is being thrown at you or how you are feeling about things.

I can help you change it.

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