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Why choose The Next Step?

Allan Clayton was just 17 when he was involved in a near-fatal accident. Now, aged 34, I offer a unique service to those suffering in silence in the aftermath of a Road Traffic Accident. Due to my first hand experience I have the ability to empathise, listen and really understand the daily struggles and emotional torment experienced by victims.

Some chose to turn to a Counselor for assistance but does a Counselor really know how it feels to receive prognosis that you may never walk again.

I am passionate about ensuring that victims of a RTA do not suffer in silence. My unique style is to get to know you so it’s a relaxed informal approach there is no sitting behind an intimidating desk just a reassuring and understanding face.

Understanding is the next step! 
The Next Step can also offer a road safety seminar this consist of stories from a operational firefighter, paramedic, police officer and victims of a crash itself. The stories that are told are very hard hitting and emotional.


For more information on any event please email info@the-next-step.co.uk.